About Us

White Deer Run/Cove Forge Behavioral Health System is one of the leading providers of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Pennsylvania. The White Deer Run philosophy simply states that each patient will be treated as an individual, receiving treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.

The goal for each patient is unchanging: to realize a full and rewarding lifestyle, free from chemical dependency. Clients benefit from an individualized, comprehensive program. The program is provided by a multi-disciplinary treatment team of highly experienced professionals that includes a Medical Director certified in addiction medicine, a licensed Family Therapist (Masters Level), 24 hour nursing staff, certified addiction counselors and an accredited school program for adolescents. The weekend program involves the family and includes educational groups and conjoint family sessions.

The main facility, located in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, is situated on 150 acres of beautiful countryside. White Deer Run also operates three other inpatient facilities located in Lancaster, Lebanon and Mt. Pleasant as well as the Cove Forge Behavioral Health System, consisting of 9 treatment sites. There are also a large number of outpatient sites located throughout the state of Pennsylvania as well. Each of White Deer Run’s facilities provides a relaxed atmosphere that lends itself to personal reflection and healing for adults and adolescents alike.

Some of the key features of all treatment programs include:

  • Twelve Step Program Model
  • Transportation provided to and from treatment
  • Highly skilled, multi-disciplinary teams of professional
  • Individually determined length of stay
  • Comprehensive Medical evaluation
  • Psychological evaluation when indicated
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Weekend family program (ages 15 and above)
  • Twenty-four hour daily medical staff
  • Individualized aftercare plan
  • Continued schoolwork or GED preparation for adolescents during their stay.

Licensing and Accreditation

All White Deer Run Treatment Facilities are fully licensed by the State of Pennsylvania and nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The staff of the White Deer Run Treatment Facilities strive to create a therapeutic environment where your recovery will be supported using various interventions and peer support. You can expect a supportive and respectful group of professionals with one goal in mind – your recovery. Your treatment will be individualized and meet your personal goal… a better life, free from the torment of addiction. Programs are available for both male and female adults as well as adolescents.